People watching in Dilworth Park

I’ve been taking a digital photography class at U.Arts this October, and last week’s assignment brought me to Dilworth Park to take some photos of the fountains. (The assignment was to photograph things using fast or slow shutter speeds and I had a lot of fun trying to freeze the water in motion.)


Dilworth Park is always an interesting place to visit. Right next to City Hall, there are always a variety of people to watch– tourists checking out City Hall, children running around the fountains, couples enjoying the scenery together, lawyers and jurors eating lunch, and more. With the rainy fall weather, the park was relatively empty on a Sunday, but soon it will be filled with holiday shops, an ice skating rink, and more. Continue reading “People watching in Dilworth Park”

A Beginner’s Guide to Philly’s Subway System

When I first moved to Philly from Jersey City, the most confusing thing for me was the subway system. This seems strange to me now, because really there are only two main lines to the subway system, but, at the time, the only way you could really ride the subway was to purchase tokens from either a teller or a machine.

Coming from New York and Jersey City, where both the MTA and PATH have reusable cards and make it relatively easy to purchase new ones from machines, the idea of using tokens was archaic. The worst part? Almost everything was cash only!

Since then, SEPTA (Philly’s transit authority) has thankfully started to roll out their new tap-to-use SEPTA Key cards and also offer single-use paper tickets from machines, but the system can still be confusing if you’re new, so I’ve written a short guide to getting started.

Navigating the Subway, or “El”

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