A taco break at Tico’s Tacos

More of a take out place than a sit-down restaurant, Tico’s Tacos (1627 South St) in Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia, was recommended to me by my neighbor, who has lived in the area for a few years, as I debated on what to order for dinner. I’ve ordered from them a few times since then, but this past October I made it a point to stop in and grab some tacos before heading out on a photography assignment.

With its unassuming exterior, it would be really easy to pass Tico’s Tacos by, but with really good food and an affordable price, it’s well worth stopping in if you’re craving tacos. 

For one thing, they provided me with free chips and salsa with my meal, which is more than I can say for most places in town.

But mostly, the tacos at Tico’s are just really good and generously portioned for the price. You can get either soft shell or a combination of soft and hard shell, which is what I ended up going with. I ordered the carnitas tacos, “Mexican-style” with cilantro and onion (you can also get them “Tico’s Style”). 

I’m getting hungry just looking at these tacos!
Fun Fact: I have never actually finished a taco meal from here, because I’m always left too full to move by the end of taco #2!

And while Tico’s isn’t going to win any awards for decor or atmosphere, they did have up some cute Dia de los Muertos decorations when I stopped in in late October.  

But really, “atmosphere” isn’t the point of Tico’s Tacos. It’s much more of a neighborhood joint. Somewhere you might meet up with a friend for a quick bite and catch-up, but sometimes that’s the perfect spot. And with good tacos and reasonable prices, I call that a win.

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