A Quick Donut Break at Federal Donuts’ new South Street location

I first experienced Federal Donuts at my office during one of our weekly Breakfast Club meetings. Each week, one of us volunteers to bring in breakfast for our group. Sometimes it’s homemade breakfast casseroles, sometimes a cereal bar, and sometimes, if we’re lucky, it’s Federal Donuts.

The view from Federal Donuts on South Street

With multiple locations around the city and their combination of fresh-out-the-oven and “fancy” donuts, Federal Donuts has solidified itself as the place to get donuts in Philly. Personally, I almost always go for the hot fresh donuts, which come in flavors like Cookies and Cream, Cinnamon Brown Sugar and Strawberry Lavender (my personal favorite). 

This weekend, after a late brunch at Tattooed Mom, we decided to stop at Federal Donuts’ new location on South Street (540 South Street). This location, which is the store’s seventh, opened up earlier this month on the corner of 6th and South.

Inside Federal Donuts’ spacious new location


It’s SO beautiful on the inside, with its clean red, white, and blue wallpaper (seen in the featured photo for this post), crisp red chairs, and tiled floors. Compared to their Center City location, this one is also much brighter and spacious, with enough seating for the mid-Saturday-afternoon crowd.


Caramel Latte and Key Lime Pie donuts


This time, we decided to go for some of the Fancy donuts, which are all glazed, and come in some amazing flavors, like Pineapple Brown Sugar, Pumpkin Pecan Maple, and Chocolate Old Fashioned.

Always a fan of citrus-flavored desserts, I decided to try the Key Lime Pie flavored donut, while my boyfriend went with Caramel Latte. Both of them were delicious– more like small round cakes than donuts. The Key Lime Pie tasted a bit like a lemon pound cake. And the Caramel Latte had only a hint of coffee, so non-coffee fans like me will still enjoy it.


A small cup of coffee

Speaking of coffee, you can get a small cup of coffee for $2.25 (or a large for $2.75) to accompany your donut of choice.

I walk down South Street a lot, and am very excited about Federal Donuts’ new location… though it might be a bit dangerous for my wallet!

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