Cute cats! Cute coffee! It’s Kawaii Kitty Cafe!

My previous adventures around Queen Village (and visit to Plenty Cafe) were all spurred by one goal… a visit to the Kawaii Kitty Cafe!

Part cafe, part cat haven, the Kawaii Kitty Cafe (759 South 4th St.) allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee or an elaborate unicorn milkshake while  also hanging out with some seriously adorable adoptable cats.

Their website has a great description of what a cat cafe is, if you’ve never heard of the concept:

A cat cafe is exactly what it sounds like. A cafe that provides a safe, clean, happy and cage-free environment for kitties of all shapes and sizes. It’s a place where you can curl up with a book in your hand and kitty in your lap! Cat cafes offer a unique experience for both cats and humans!  Cats will be able to live in the cafe free of cages and spoiled by you and our staff. They also provide an opportunity for some stress relief! Cuddling and petting cats is scientifically proven to lower your heart rate! The concept began in Asia and quickly spread to the UK and now the United States!

We had a great time hanging out with some adorable cats– my favorite was Chzburger, who immediately wanted to cuddle next to me and knead my shoulder.

But others, like Princess Fudge (who loves sitting on laps), Hot Dog, Mom’s Spaghetti, Pants, and Anastasia also stole my heart.

The gang’s all here!

Okay, so they were ALL super cute and I wanted to take them all home with me. Alas, I can’t have pets in my current apartment… but maybe next year?

Reservations are highly recommended if you plan on visiting, especially on the weekend, and there’s an $11 donation fee, which goes towards the cats (who are all from Philly animal shelter, PAWS).

We went on a Saturday and booked our 6pm reservation on the website earlier that day– my friends who joined us along, ended up booking theirs a few hours beforehand as well. The other time slots before that were filled up.

I can’t wait to go back again and hang out with more cute (adoptable!) kitties.

Here’s one more cat picture, for the road!


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