Afternoon cocktails and dinner at Plenty Cafe

On a cool, overcast Saturday, my boyfriend Ray and I decided to stop by the Kawaii Kitty Cafe (759 S 4th St.) in Queen Village (more on that later!) but before our reservation time started, we had a few hours. Instead of sitting around my house, we decided to spend that time walking down South Street and around Queen Village.

Living on the other side of the city, I very rarely spend time in the neighborhood unless visiting Tattooed Mom (530 South St.) for a drink. With the brutal summer heat broken and cute kitties on the horizon, we had the perfect opportunity to explore. After walking around for a couple of hours, stopping at Famous 4th Street Delicatessen (700 S 4th St.) for some cookies and a coffee, we realized we still had over an hour to kill!

We ended up at the Queen Village location of Plenty Cafe (705 S 5th St.) and were immediately impressed by the decor, which felt simple, clean, and modern, but with vintage charms throughout, including a beautiful tiled wall behind the bar. 

Bar at Plenty Cafe


Looking out the window of Plenty Cafe

With only an hour to spare, we only intended on stopping by for drinks. The cocktail I had, the “Jealous Lover”, was deliciously spiced (though not hot) with a fresh strawberry as a garnish; Ray got an Italian Fashioned, which he absolutely loved. It was bourbon-y but still sweet and smooth.

The Jealous Lover
Instagramming and drinking an Italian Fashioned

The bartenders were both very friendly, and drinks were very good, so we decided to return after our visit to the cat cafe to try some of the evening menu, which promised handmade pasta!

Our two friends joined us for the meal and having had a good experience earlier in the day, my expectations were high. I decided on the agnolotti dish, which had roasted corn in it and was coated in a light sauce. Sadly, I was disappointed in my meal, which wasn’t completely hot (it must have been sitting out while other meals were finished up) and the portion size was too small for the price.

Agnolotti with roasted corn

The parts that I did have were very good, but in the end, I was left hungry and snacking on some of Ray’s food (a pork chop with a side of broccoli rabe and fingerling potatoes).

In the end, I have mixed feelings about my visit there. I enjoyed the cocktails, and I’d be happy to stop by for another drink, but I don’t think the food (even if it was good) was quite worth the price. But with good cocktails and nice bar-staff, I encourage you to stop by and grab a cocktail for yourself.


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